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 11 Things You Must Have In Your Man Cave 

#1- MUSIC  2Pac, Daft Punk, maybe some Metallica? Yes… no matter what your flavor, don’t neglect your ears by chillin in SILENCE! Even in your man cave, you NEED music to stimulate your thoughts & tune out the noise of the rest of the house! Plus, while the homies are over…. It’s always fun to sample the latest tunes. Music is a universal language! SPEAK IT!  


YOUTube sessions are HIGHLY Recommended to fill this block.

#2- TV or Internet  Stay Connected! Yep…I know, everything’s mobile, but the price of flat screens are going DOWN. Who wants to get score updates on their phone? NOBODY!  cuz it’s way better to WATCH!!! Plus, it’s 2017… need I say more?


#3- Couch or Recliner  Ditch the old card table chair! What you need is a place where you can’t just sit….but LOUNGE and pass out after a hard days work! Your man cave is your Getaway…your Sanctuary- treat it as such!


#4- Rep Your Team  This is MANDATORY! The only time anyone should EVER ask who your team is.... It’s when you FIRST MEET! Unless you’re a bandwagon jumper… and if you are, you can stop reading now, cuz respect is lost! ANYBODY that walks into your man cave should know the deal right away!!

Oh… (and for the record)… it’s RAIDERS, LAKERS, DODGERS, and USC Trojans football! REPRESENT ALL DAY EVERYDAY !!!   

SIDE NOTE: If you’re not into sports….it’s cool--- rep your hometown or current STATE/CITY! Everybody comes from SOMEWHERE- rep it with pride!


#5- Drinks/ Mini Fridge     1 things for certain… no one wants to go far to get a cold beer!  If you’re chillin’ in your man cave…. It’s far too much work to yell for someone to bring you a drink (if they can even hear you)…. And also…mini fridges are AWESOME…so get one!


#6- Your WIFE or GIRLFRIEND!  Yeah…I know, I might’ve lost cool points for this one…but the truth is… in order to keep the peace- you gotta invite her in! Just for a second tho… THEN you gotta remind her of why it’s called a MAN cave, by kicking her the F**K OUT!


#7- Something Vintage   “old school” has no AGE. That’s right! Let me repeat….”old school” has NO AGE! Sounds crazy right?  Well…the truth is… you’ve probably heard someone of a younger generation say ‘oh man…that’s old school! and thought “whatchu know about this young’n?” Vintage can be an old vinyl record player, an old baseball card collections…. or maybe a poster of something throwback counts too.  I prefer lowrider art…. but that’s just me!


#8- Tools or Duct Tape (or BOTH)   Haha! Yes, every man cave should have a small tool box or some duct tape…or BOTH! No matter what, something’s gonna break or needs tightening. And just like having that beer fridge nearby, nobody wants to go far to grab a flathead either! You know…like for that annoying little screw on the back of the remote.         


SIDE NOTE: If your Man Cave your garage, PROBLEM SOLVED cuz that’s where the tools are anyway!


#9- Something New  This may go against #7, but ya gotta keep up with the times! Swap out that fat-back 65” rear projector for a Smart TV….or even look into VR Goggles… really, any smart devices, etc. The point here is to NOT BE A DINOSAUR! Again… it’s 2017!


#10- A Good Critic  Let’s admit it…. I’m sure you have something in your man cave RIGHT NOW that doesn’t belong. I good critic (maybe a friend) should be man enough to tell you to remove that copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey” that you wife left behind during her SHORT visit(see #6).  Sure, Beyoncé is nice to look at….but a good critic should be there to tell you that jamming out to “Lemonade” is NOT ACCEPTABLE, especially when the homies are around!


#11- Games Yeah! Whether its NBA 2K on Xbox Live, Ghost Recon, or you’re old school like me and prefer bone or spades…. the man cave is the perfect spot to show your partners in crime who’s boss!  Also…if you can afford it, don’t pass up the chance to upgrade to darts, pool, or foosball!


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