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MUSIC has always been a cross-cultural activity in our lives. I was first introduced to playing an instrument in the 3rd grade (saxophone). It brought me closer to kids from other races & ethnic backgrounds.

One year, as a member of the Emerson Eagle JAZZ BAND, I got the opportunity to perform at the Food Court of the Valley Plaza Mall. It was a Holiday Concert, so we played several Christmas songs and other hits we’d been working on. It was my first taste of being creative amongst a LARGE group of kids from different backgrounds.

This “untitled” electrical box mural design is an idea involving a little boy of COLOR, a neighborhood kid that actually lives on the East Side of Bakersfield, playing a masterpiece of a set on his trumpet…as the crowd enjoys! The image is in an alternate color tone than what would normally be depicted. This highlights the idea that MUSIC, visually, is as diverse of a gift that we all share together…  and has no assigned COLOR. So, although the features of the boy will be evident he is Black (or Hispanic)… he will be in a magenta.

One boy will be illustrated on adjacent box surfaces with a different instrument (2 surfaces w/ kids, 2 surfaces without).


Trumpet v1.png

My 2nd idea hints at the idea of a BOY version of "Bloom"...because little boys & young MEN are SMART. VALUABLE. SUCCESSFUL. POWERFUL. BEAUTIFUL. & IMPORTANT!


Like the "Bloom" mural, this idea depicts an East SIde kid enjoying life with a HUGE smile on his face!

Rather than leaves, the background and surrounding objects would be building blocks and/or Legos.

Jayce on BIKE with BLOCKS1.png
Jayce on BIKE with BLOCKS2.png
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