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New Mural Sparks Togetherness Through Music & Color

The "Harmony Mural" Is the most recent Mural made by artist Brandon Thompson and artist Deidre Hathor in Downtown Bakersfield, at the Gallagher Family Chiropractic Office, between 17th and F st. The 9ft tall Mural has a message of cheerfulness, equality, and tolerance, with an underlying tone of love and unity.

"The mural is a representation of what is important to myself and my family," said Chiropractor Dr. Brett Gallagher. "The musician represents our love of New Orleans. Harmony represents where my wife and I married", he added, "The flowers represent each of our children, my father, my mother-in-law, and my step-son's father, all of whom have passed."

The mural vision came from Dr. Gallagher's wife, Lisa.

The Mural is sprayed painted with acrylic paint and hand-painted with exterior gloss and satin paints. The stucco wall drinks the color, which allows it to last a long time. Harmony Mural features an electric fade. The smooth gradient fade from purple to teal blue, depicting the rainbow colors emanating from the trumpet to words written within the flowers and musical notes. It also has a business sign to honor Dr. Gallagher's father, an insurance broker, and a cloth measuring tape to celebrate his mother-in-law's passion for quilting.

The Mural resembles harmony and togetherness through color and music. The sewing tape serves as a gradual selfie spot, "where Families can take their little ones for snaps over the years to see their growth," said Thompson, "kinda like one of those tall ruler things in a kids bedroom."

The Gallagher Family have utilized their power to be world changers, said Artist Deidre Hathor, "They are changing the mood and face of their Community by hiring us to paint a big, colorful mural on their blank wall."

Artist Thompson hopes the community embraces the mural and becomes inspired to spread the love, through arts.

Dr. Gallagher is fascinated with the idea of inspiring other businesses to hire local artists to display their talents in the Bakersfield downtown area.


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