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New Mural: Take What You Need

In case you missed it, I just completed a New Mural in the Oleander area of Bakersfield, CA!

As part of an Artist Residency, this Mural was created with the help of Students from ASK & Border Patrol, Maine.

IDENTITY, ACTION, GUIDANCE, are a Few of the words that lay across this telephone post ad-style layout. These are the things I seek, for myself & others... in the never-endingpursuit of Peace!

Aside from the message, I chose these cool colors because they look & feel Great year 'round in the Bakersfield sun. This wall sits in an alley & faces East. The biggest challenge with this space was the protruding vertical wall slats, which led me to creating a design that would lend way to 'up & down' lines. 😃

If in Bakersfield... this mural can be seen from the southern tip of Beale Park.

1957 Palm St


Check out this mural & many more..



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